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Click that little "Subscribe" tab on the left to sign up for my mailing list. I only send notices for future concert dates, or info on new recordings. I may include a good joke or a link to a wacky video if I find something worthy of your time. I hereby promise that I'll never share anyone's e-mail address with anyone else, or sell it to some sleazy marketing guys.

E-Mail and Bookings

You can e-mail me at the address displayed below. I'm available for gigs in the Vancouver/Portland area, private parties, and food fights. I think food fights are really funny when I see them in movies, but I've never been in one. It would especially be fun to throw jello.

A Little Bit About Me

I played in various bands while going to school in Bloomington and West Lafayette, Indiana, and then played in some other bands while working in San Diego and Vancouver, Washington. Now I write songs and perform in the Vancouver area. You can listen or download some of my tunes on this website.

I compose on acoustic guitar, so thats what I mainly play when I perform. But I mix it up and make it different by adding some sax or blues harp, or some foot percussion. Sometimes I use a "looper" to record a little snippet of guitar, and then play that in a loop while I play something else on top. That way, I can blend textures and variety into a song. I often play three things at once (I've tried four, but I start laughing). My music is a little folk, a little alternative, a little blues, a little funk. If you like what you hear please keep in touch, share with friends, or come to a concert if you're in the area.

Thanks for listening, and for supporting live music!

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